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Section 1 - Bitbay

A few questions about BitBay to get started ...
How long have you known about BitBay? *

How did you first hear about BitBay? *

What first attracted you to BitBay? *

How familiar are you with the BitBay project as a whole? *

Maybe you're a user of BitBay services or you follow it on Social Media, or because you often hear people talk about it etc.
Which of the following are important to you about BitBay? *

Choose as many as you like ...

Have you ever downloaded the BitBay Market Client or Wallet? *

How easy or difficult would you say the BitBay Market Client / Wallet is to setup? *

How would you rate the usability of the BitBay Market Client / Wallet? *

How likely are you to recommend the official BitBay client / wallet to someone? *

How important do you rate these for the Market Client / Wallet?

Security *

Usability *

Visually appealing *

Should it look good?
Have you ever used the Marketplace? *

Overall, how would you rate the BitBay Marketplace? *

What would you use the Marketplace for? *

Overall, how would you rate BitBays value as a short-term investment? *

Overall, how would you rate BitBays value as a long-term investment? *

Overall, how would you rate BitBay's current real-world usability? *

(applications OTHER than exchange speculation)
Which of the following platforms have you used to purchase products from? *

Section 2 - Other Crypto-currencies

How long have you known about Crypto-currencies? *

When did you make your first invest in Crypto-currencies? *

What sum do you have invested? *

How much time per week do you spend trading or researching cryptocurrencies? *

Currently, how many projects have you invested in addition to BitBay? *

Section 3 - About you

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